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A Referral Agency in Azusa, California

Pro House Cleaning Services in San Gabriel Valley

Top rated housecleaning services in Azusa, CA 

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Are you looking for a cleaner in Glendora, California? Confident Cleanings connects families and professionals to qualified cleaners in order to alleviate domestic responsibilities. Searching for a qualified cleaning pro can be tricky. You need to ensure that you're bringing an experienced and reliable cleaning pro to the sanctity of your home. Confident Cleanings Referral Agency has been helping clients find the right cleaners for years.

Freeing up precious time is our biggest pursuit in life. Time is our most valuable currency: you can use it to make money but you can’t use money to purchase more time. Or can you? Confident Cleanings believes you can! By requesting a cleaning pro to take care of the maintenance of your home’s spotlessness you can devote your time to many other pursuits of enjoyable or immediate importance like spending more time with your family, making even more money or squeezing in a real workout in your hectic schedule.   


Confident Cleanings LLC is one of the top-rated residential and commercial cleaning referral agencies in San Gabriel County, California. We offer flexible scheduling, and our pros offer a variety of cleaning services related to your own specific needs. Services including Window Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Apartment or Studio Cleaning, Move In/Move Out Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Custom Hourly Cleaning tailored to your needs.


Our cleaning pros will maintain the cleanliness standards or breathe new life into your home by providing a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable space for you and your family to work, play or relax in. Call 626-733-2099 or book an appointment in under 2 minutes with our free online quotation estimate.



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Altadena, CA
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El Monte, CA
Glendora, CA
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They were amazing - even cleaned my doors where my bulldog itches his face. Definitely keeping them.


We know there is more to cleaning than meets the eye - and there is more to your daily duties than cleaning.  The 3 currencies of life are time, energy and money. Make the switch to Confident Cleanings and call it an investment. Your family and friends are waiting! 



2+ years of professional cleaning experience



More affordable than inflexible check-list based cleaning companies



Cleaners must pass criminal background checks



Quality and expectations remain the same with recurring provider



All cleaners provide 3 professional and 3 personal references



Choose to be matched with a different cleaner for any reason



Cleaners provide their own supplies and equipment



Enjoy the convenience of our client portal and 2 minute booking

Quality is our top priority at Confident Cleanings!

Confident Cleanings is your solution to residential cleaning needs in San Gabriel Valley. We maintain the highest standard of satisfaction through our selection process while lower overhead fees ensure higher pay to our cleaning pros at a price point you'll love!

When you live a busy life, it is hard to find the time to organize and tidy your home or vacation rental. You can rely on us to take care of your home, office or property so that you can focus on the things that are important to you. Relax, we'll do the cleaning!

Confident Cleanings pays special attention to details to complete satisfaction of each client. ​Our goal is to make sure that we leave your home with sparkling kitchen, bathrooms, and floors, organized and tidy living spaces, and refreshing cleanliness.

Confident Cleanings strives to provide a service we are proud of. We are always prepared for any cleaning requirements and will complete your requested tasks in a timely manner with detail and precision, and at a price you'll love. Not to mention booking is easy-peasy.

What are the benefits of a cleaning referral agency for you and your family?

In addition to cleaning your own home, you could hire a variety of cleaning service providers in your area: Some of whom are independent cleaners not vetted by a referral agency or cleaning company, and some of whom are employees of costly and inflexible franchises that rarely suit the custom needs of your living space. Here's why using a referral agency is the best option:


Independence - Referral agencies work with independent cleaners and Confident Cleanings prioritizes only the most reliable, experienced and trustworthy of professionals to refer to our clients. In addition, the workers get to choose their own hours


Living wages - Because our cleaning pros are not employed by Confident Cleanings, our overhead is significantly lower and as such, the savings are passed onto you! At the same time, our pros enjoy most of the fee for their hard work.

Expertise - Our cleaners get to determine if the scope of work is within their preferences and expertise. Not all cleaning jobs are the same! Indeed, on a scale of organizational duties to hardcore scrubbing, most jobs fall somewhere in between. Because we know that every job is different, our clients should not worry about wether a service provider sticks to an arbitrary check-list, instead they can work on a one-to-one basis attending the specific needs of your home. 


Using a referral agency for your residential, carpet or cleaning needs (as well as most domestic duties) is an amazing way of supporting small business in your area or neighborhood. It's a win-win-win first and foremost - for you, secondly for the cleaning pro and thirdly for Confident Cleanings.

The Best in Azusa, CA

Glendora is a quaint but culturally rich neighborhood in San Gabriel Valley, CA. It's known to be one of the top places in Southern California to live and work in, with its great schools and scenic views to the neighborhood atop the winding trails of Glendora Mountain Road. As many residents are known to work in the big metropolitan Los Angeles, we at Confident Cleanings understand that undesirable traffic conditions coupled with long work hours make for a hectic day-to-day. We are proud to serve this excellent community in aiding them in the maintenance of their cleaning environment.

Our cleaners provide services for clients all over the town, and it would be our pleasure to help you too! Our commitment to superior customer service allows you to take extra time off to focus on what really matters. Call our number to book an appointment or make use of our quick and easy online booking system today!

Glendora is aptly known as the Pride of the Foothills. The nickname makes sense given its location in the foothills of San Gabriel Mountains. Whether you love closed space activities or you are the outdoorsy type, Glendora offers it all: diversity of cuisines, cultural venues, cafes, shopping plazas as well as parks and hiking trails.

There are seasonal festivals and a number of events taking place annually such as the Glendora Annual Chalk Fest, Heritage Festival, Gumby Annual Fest and Earth Festival to name a few. A great way to start off learning about Glendora's history is at the Glendora Historical Society museum. You will see exhibits of relevant artifacts, documents and photos showcasing intriguing items dating back to the 19th and 20th century.

Cleaning services referral agency servicing Azusa and Azusa, CA and surrounding areas of San Gabriel Valley.
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